Weight, grammage and thickness

Grammage is one of the parameters taken into account in the manufacturing process. This is where the number is generated, and with it, the grammage is commercially identified.

Generally, solid boards are traded with sheet dimensions of 70 x 100 cm and 80 x 105 cm in solid board making Machine N° 1 and in 72 x 92 cm in solid board making Machine N° 2, or in combinations which allow taking advantage of the machine whole trimmed width.

The company also manufactures reels; their sizes are 1,20 m as maximum diameter, their grammage ranges from 285 g/m2 (no. 50) to 840 g/m2 (no. 17), and in compatible formats with our solid board making machine width (refer to special measures). According to the various grammage, 75 mm – to 300 mm diameter reels cores may be used.

In the case of machine glazed solid board, the loss of thickness is higher than 10%.