Standard solid board

Grammage ranges from 285 g/m2 (no. 50) to 1785 g/m2 (no. 8), and usual thickness oscillates between 0,5 mm and 3,0 mm, respectively. For grammages higher than 890 g/m2 (Nº 16), solid boards are made by pasting and coupling two board sheets.

As this solid board is not calendered, the result is a relatively low density sheet. However, its outer part (top liner) is adequate for regular printings.

In all our solid board, fiber composition or special additives (e.g., waterproofing) and coloring can be technically varied which, combined with different surface characteristics, present a wide range of solid board qualities to be used on different occasions.

Standard Solid Board Line:

  • Extra white
  • Standard white
  • Sized standard white (waterproof)
  • Premium Grey
  • Colored (yellow, green, blue, red) – specially manufactured by request
  • Cartokraft